How to connect iPhone5 to Parrot MKI Handsfree

So you have brought a Parrot MKI series music Bluetooth kit got the kit fully installed by disappointed you can't simply plug your iPhone 5 into the supplied 30pin Apple charging lead to allow you full charging and music playback? Well Apple have released a clip in lighting adapter which plugs on the end of the Parrot MKI 30pin lighting adapter to allow you a simple connection of your iPhone 5.

This not only supports charging but also full audio to allow music playback at very high quality. These little adapters are not cheap coming in at around £25 from the Apple store, but it's not worth getting a cheap one from the internet due to it only allowing charging as there is no official Apple microchip inside which allows full music playback and the cheap models are no way as good as the correct part.

With this official adapter you can be sure your Parrot MKI series 9000,9100,9200 will work perfectly and you can rest assured no damage will happen to your £500 phone.