Parrot MKI9200 Review

The Parrot MKI9200 has been around now for 5 years, At first it had a few glitches within the software but the biggest improvement over this kit is the easy updates via USB, this makes updating the kit hassle free and you don't need to visit a Parrot certified dealer. The MKI 9200 is now the most popular hands free being installed at this current time. Most people have I phones or apple devices and for the little extra cost they also want to play their music in the car and this Parrot Bluetooth hands free offers everything you need.

The only downside to this handsfree kit is the wireless controller most people would prefer a wired control so it has back lighting for low light levels like night time, It can be tricky to control the wireless controller at night if your not used to the button layout on the control. The battery inside the control normally lasts for around 2 years but Parrot did go though a stage of supplying cheap batteries and these lasted only months. The latest kits seem back to normal and last a fair amount of time. The battery is a CR2032 and you should always replace it with a branded battery like Duracell for example. Many people also say the controller is not made very strong and doesn't last very long, but you do have to remember the control is one of the main used parts of the kit.

The dual microphone is an improvement over the Parrot CK range and has a slightly better echo cancellation system to give you the best quality whilst at speed without having to raise your voice during a call. The built in amp seems to also gives better output over the regular CK range. The kit has been improved on the UK's best selling kit which is the CK3100. The MKI9200 has also been fully approved with Apple to state the made for Iphone and Ipod logo's.

The full color screen is very clear and easy to read while driving unlike other handsfree kits where the screen is dim and you strain your eyes trying to use basic features. The wallpaper can be changed like a PC so you can make the kit have a picture of your car manufacture to make the MKI look more original fit or a picture your choice. These pictures are easy to upload and you can transfer them over within seconds. The screen has an inbuilt SD card slot which means you can have pictures and music stored on this and you won't have to mess around connecting your phone to the lead.

The audio lead that comes with the Parrot MKI 9200 has a 3.5 mm aux in connect and USB along with the 30 pin apple connecter, If you are planning to use this kit with a very late apple product like an Iphone 5 for example. You will need to buy an Apple Lighting adapter which is available in the Apple shop for around £25. Once this has been clipped on the 30 pin connecter you simply plug your phone in.

Always make sure you use a Parrot certified installer and ask them about the extra year's warranty for the best piece of mind when buying a Parrot MKI system. In most cars you will need an additional audio harness to allow the Parrot system to be connected without cutting any wiring.