IO Play 2 Review

So what do we like about the IO Play 2 well it's been made and designed in the UK by Armour Auto the kit itself was designed for around 3 years to provide the very best hands free system aimed at people who love music and great quality in car gadgets. The IO Play 2 is I would say the very best engineered Bluetooth hands free I have ever installed. All the main parts are very well molded and stress tested against the harsh in car environment the controller is wired which makes many people think twice about buying the Parrot MKI range of kits due to all them having a non light up controller. 

The IO was designed from the start as a music kit before handsfree and you could tell. The original IO handsfree released in 2007 got a bit of echo when talking but they really made the IO Play 2 perfect with its performance 180 watt class D amplifier you can be assured the quality is very good and it will sound very nice in your car. Most people agree it sounds better than the original factory radio fitted in most cases. The OLED display is very easy to read without any issues in sunny weather conditions and the kit can transfer around 9000 contacts to the phone book when it connects with your phone. The IO Play 2 also offers multi point pairing meaning you can have more than one device paired at any time this is perfect if you have a work phone and a different personal phone.

The screen is fully removable if you park in bad area's and the kit itself can even read out text messages which is a major advancement over the other hands free brands on the market. I think from experience this is the very best hands free you can buy on the market today, It also offers the customer the ability to update the Bluetooth hands free system when new phones are released and the software is out of date.

Like any other Bluetooth Hands free this kit should be installed by an IO Approved Engineer at all times as it is involved to fit and may require extra adapters to fit correctly in your vehicle.