ScorpionTrack Cat 5 Thatcham Approved Review

With the release of the Scorpiontrack Cat 5 tracking unit with ADR card and an immobiliser cut people are starting to wonder what this very large tracking company have to offer. The Thatcham Cat 5 units are very expensive due to them being fitted to vehicles worth over £90.000. They are special because they have to have a automatic driver recognition card (ADR). Scorpion have gone about this a very good way from an engineering point of view. The tiny micro plastic welded card can fit in your wallet or can be placed in your jacket pocket. This card needs to enter the vehicle with the driver otherwise the unit will send an alert to the Scorpion tracking head office. They will then make contact with the driver or family members to make sure the vehicle has not been stolen or hi jacked from the owner. The Cat 5 units also feature an immobiliser cut on the starter circuit which stops the vehicle being restarted if the traffic police give permission to the Scorpion head office to immobilise the vehicle from re starting.

If the vehicle is moved or towed and the vehicles owner is not in the vehicle it will trigger an alert within seconds and notify Scorpion there may be a theft in progress. With Scorpion making everything in the UK and only dealing with the very best engineers in the country you can be guaranteed to be given the very customer care at all times. If you would like one of these devices fitted it may be worth taking a look at or if you would like to find out more information on what this product has to offer over the other tracking brands you can look on The device also comes with a very long warranty period over many other tracking units on the market. It currently stands at a five year warranty to give you the best piece of mind when choosing a tracking product that is right for your car. Remember Scorpion have been around for many years manufacturing Toad and Sigma vehicle alarm systems which have been market proven to last many years out in the field.