Parrot Asteroid Smart Review

The Parrot Asteroid has not got known yet due to it only being released around a year ago. It is a double din radio and Bluetooth/Sat Nav system and it offers very advanced features including internet browsing if you have a 3G or 4G dongle attached to the USB lead. It offers the fantastic call quality you would expect from Parrot and the screen is nice and wide to allow ease of use when driving. The price of this unit is a major factor due to it coming in at a very low price of around £450. Most Sat Nav units from other brands are around £600 upwards. which means you are getting a huge amount of bang for buck with this unit.

A few people have said it is a little slow booting up when you first turn it on, you do have to remember it has a large amount of features to load when first turning your ignition on this could be annoying if you are used to MAC based software where everything is loaded on the click of a button. When you turn the unit on it will boot on the main home screen and not the last thing you was using the device for the radio is a good example, you would need to click radio and reselect the station you was listening to. There might be an update from Parrot at a later time to correct this issue I have noticed.

The Asteroid Smart comes with pre-out's in case you wish to add a sub woofer or to amp the front and rear speakers to get the most from your audio upgrade. It also features a steering wheel port due to many factory cars coming with stalk or steering wheel controls now and if you wish to keep these an additional lead can be added to work alongside these.

The Satnav doesn't work as standard when you first set the unit up you need to register the device and your details on the Parrot Asteroid market place to allow you to sign in and set the device up. The device is very easy to navigate around and the sensitive touch screen makes using the device better than any add on Parrot hands free on the market. A reverse camera can be added to the screen to appear when the cars reverse gear is selected. The unit has an advanced amplifier inside to give you much better listening quality over the original car radio.

Late cars will normally need a fascia plate and a wiring adapter / Ariel adapter to allow the system to fit correctly in your dashboard. This type of work should be carried out by a Parrot certified installer to make sure the device works correctly and you get the very best experience from your product. By using a certified dealer you also know you are getting UK approved stock which is a must for the correct warranty in the UK.