Parrot CK3100 Review

The most successful selling Bluetooth kit in the world the Parrot CK3100 has been the most popular hands free kit installed for Fleets and private customers all over the UK, many people enjoy using this kit because it offers everything you need in a simple format without having any issues. The screen is black and white with a very nice white back lighting the display used to light up blue many years ago but they changed it to white and I must say it is better to see in the dark. The kit in terms of reliability is very good there has only been a couple of software problems where Parrot have had to step in and fix the issue. You can pair up to five phones but you can only have one actively paired at anyone time due to no multi point pairing on this kit. The display is a nice black color and looks very sleek on most dashboards and with the display only being small it doesn't look out of place.

You should be looking to buy this kit if you don't need multi point pairing for your personal and work phone or you don't wish to Bluetooth stream your music to the vehicle speakers. If you are looking to do this I would suggest having a look at this kit This kit provides everything you need for pairing more than one phone and music requirements. When you link up your phone via Bluetooth the kit will check your phone for contacts and download whatever contacts you have stored on your phones memory which is very nice while driving as you can simply and legally browse through your contacts and dial which one you need. The Parrot CK3100 also features voice tags if you have some common numbers you always call you can set a voice tag on that contact and dial out with a simple press on the green button.

This kit is the very best on the market and should always been installed by a professional to give you the very best call quality and call experience and it should always be installed in a safe way that doesn't danger the owner of the vehicle. you will also require an audio harness for most vehicles due to the Parrot CK3100 only coming with a standard ISO harness that is universal and should be made to fit the vehicle by the correct SOT lead.