Smartrack Review | Stolen Vehicle Recovery UK

The Smartrack Protecter PRO has been around for many years it has been proven as being the most reliable and cost effective tracker in the car security industry. These units range from £195 - 349 fully installed you should always check to make sure your getting a neat and secure installation that is fitted within the Smartrack guidelines and within the vehicles manufacturers specifications at all times. Many new cars have less copper in the wiring and using a soldering iron can cause damage to the original car loom, in this case approved heat shrink crimps should be used.

The Smartrack Protecter PRO itself is very small around 6 inchs big and about 3 inch in width so it can be very hidden on most vehicles due to the fact of many other well known tracking units on the market are large in size meaning they can't be hidden as well. All the wiring is black coming out of the unit is a solid black color making it very hard to trace the wiring back to the tracking device. Most of the engineers who install these units match the original vehicle harness tape to hide everything as good as possible within your vehicle, There are two common types of tape used insulation tape and cloth tape these are always a good match to your vehicle when hiding the wiring.

The unit uses GPS for the location and GSM for communication over the mobile network via data this will give the Smartrack 24 hour call center all the information they need in terms of vehicle location. Ignition status and if the vehicle is being towed. Smartrack will also carry out a unit health check every month to make sure the internal battery is holding charge and to make sure it will still work via the backup battery if power to the main vehicle is cut.

Smartrack have put the unit through Thatcham Cat 6 approval meaning your insurance company will be happy to accept this form of insurance approved tracking unit. Smartrack have just released an app where you can track the vehicle yourself.